I Believe I Can Fly

I’ve always quite liked this song, even though it’s a bit cheesey.

When I was younger I did actually believe I could fly.  I used to have vivid dreams that I could just float whenever I wanted to.  It felt amazing, I felt so free.  I had this dream so often that I believed it was true.


Price Tag – By Jessie J

Good morning!

I was just browsing the internet, thinking I wonder what songs I’m going to be humming today.  It was only then that I realised that this song has actually been going around my head all morning.

I think I need to drink some coffee to get the different parts of my brain to engage with one another..

Billie Jean

I must have heard it somewhere.

I didn’t realise what this song was about before.   Sometimes I listen to and hum along to things for years, (even decades), without really ‘listening’ to the lyrics..  This one is about a lady called Billie Jean who rocked up to Michael Jackson and claimed she’d had his son.

I imagine that over the years he probably had quite a lot of women claiming he was the father of their children.  Not necessarily because he was a big lady’s man.  But more because there’s a lot of nutters out there.

‘Hallalujah Chorus’ from Handel’s Messiah

This is in my head because my daughter was singing it today.  She only knows the Hallelujah bit, but she’s only 9.  My friend was in a production of Handel’s Messiah when we were at university.  It wasn’t really my thing as a rule, but I loved how powerful it was, and how every voice was so strong and so vital.  I’m not religious, or Christian, but it still gets me.

song title goes here

I’m thinking that it might be good to put the song title as the title of each page.  What do you think?

Not sure that anyone will reply, as I think it’s just me here.  Although it’s my blog, so I should just do what feels right shouldn’t I?  My blog my rules.  I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.  Maybe I’ll put the song title sometimes.  When I can’t think of anything better to write.

I like trees

I like trees

What the F@”*&?

I don’t know what I’m doing here yet.  I’m not even sure how to update my posts.  Where’s the edit button?  Hey ho, I’m sure I’ll learn.  Here’s a bit of Annie Lennox, and the Eurythmics.  She often pops into my head.

Edit: I found the edit button.
Also, the title of this page is no reflection on Annie Lennox or the Eurythmics.