Music is important to me.  So is green tea, reading, walking, espresso, guinea pigs and trees.

So it’s lucky that at least one of these things is always in my head.  I think my head music is quite varied.  I like lots of different things, and I’m not always getting the stuff that I love.  Earworms can be as annoying as hell sometimes.

I want to record them here as much for myself as for anyone else.  Normally a tune comes, I listen to it for a while, hum it a bit, maybe bop around if I’m alone or the bus isn’t too crowded, and then it goes away and I forget about it.

I want to see my range.  It might be interesting to see my own personal radio station.  Maybe I’ll learn something about myself – what does it all mean?  Maybe I’ll be horrified at some of the stuff that’s in there, or I’ll just realise how boring I am.  I don’t mean to make it all about me, I hope you like it too.  But if not that’s ok.


capybara in my head

capybara in my head


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